Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

I hear you: what the heck is Brazilian Hair Removal?

In a few words, a Brazilian Hair Removal is getting rid of every last hair ‘down there’. You can see the exact areas covered here.

However, prepare to be naked. Really naked. In fact, you’ll be as smooth as a baby’s bum.

Brazilian Hair removal is close to a hype. Especially among women. But men are closing in fast. Some say they feel cleaner or more sexy and some enjoy intimate activities more. There are thousands of personal reasons to consider “a Brazilian”.

Let’s face it: a Brazilian style hair removal ‘down there’ is something different, something new. So, a permanent Brazilian laser hair removal probably is too big a step for lots of people. They’ll give it a try by having a Brazilian wax.

A Brazilian wax is exactly what the name implies. It’s like you have your back waxed. It just isn’t your back that’s being waxed…

If you’ve ever been waxed you know what to expect. Pain. Be prepared. A Brazilian wax is worse than an ordinary wax.

Why? Use your imagination. Your back and your legs are pretty tough and stable when the wax is being ripped off. Now think about your male equipment…

One more word of advice here. If you go wax, make sure there is enough hair down there. If there isn’t, there is not much for the wax to attach itself to. That means pain but no gain.

If you are absolutely sure you want all hairs removed (or fear pain) a ‘Brazilian’ using a laser is another option. In most cases the treatment is permanent and definitely more comfortable. During laser hair removal, a small laser is moved over your ‘thing’ and when the laser is activated, the light hits the hair follicles below the skin’s surface and essentially kills the hair.

Be prepared to visit the clinic a couple of times. Hair grows in cycles. So it’ll take several treatments before all hair is rooted out.

A Brazilian laser is more expensive than a Brazilian wax. However, laser is permanent, wax is not. So in the long run, you’ll be saving money using a laser for permanent Brazilian hair removal.





Male Ear Hair Removal

No, God didn’t make a mistake in putting hairs in your nose and ears. The hairs are there for a very good reason. They filter air and keep unnecessary dirt out plus they help us with our hearing. Pretty clever plan.

But fur us men, there is a downside.

Although nobody knows why, hairs growing out of your ears and nose is an unavoidable result of aging. Let face it. It often looks gross and awful.

Fortunately there are lots of ways you can have ear and nose hair removed and you’ll be surprised that the solutions available are easy and affordable.

Let’s start off with the Non-drastic Way and keep the laser on the desk.

You could use a personal shaver and creams for your ear hair removal but just remember that you need not put in the cream inside the opening of your ears.

Razors can also be used to shave the outer part of the ears to temporarily remove the unwanted hairs.

A bit more expensive but still reasonably priced, are personal grooming shavers that are designed to take care of the unwanted nose and ear hairs. Products such as Con-Air, Panasonic, and Remington, to name a few are the famous ear and nose hair trimmers.

Make sure that you look for an ear and nose hair trimmer that has shielded cutting edges to make sure the blades will not touch or cut your skin.

If you want to use chemically formulated products for your ear hair removal, brands such as Veet or Nair can also be purchased in any groceries or drugstores.

Just be careful to limit your application to the outer part of your ear like your lobes and rim. Keep away from applying the product at the ear canals and make sure that you follow the instructions to avoid irritation and other skin problems these products could do if not used properly.

Whatever you decide, always remember to keep your ears clean. More ear hair often means more earwax. Earwax can all get tangled if you have excess ear hairs. keep it clean guys.