Brazilian Hair Extensions | Learn Why You Should Buy 100% Virgin Hair

Hair extensions provide you with long and healthy hair instantly. The extensions can be applied so sophisticated that it becomes impossible for anyone to recognize their presence in the natural hair. Amongst all types of hair extensions, Brazilian hair extensions are the most desired.

What makes Brazilian hair so special?

Celebrities and a multitude of regular women go for Brazilian hair because of its healthy and attractive appearance. The hair is remarkably shiny and has a natural mild wave, which is very appealing. Additionally, its texture is soft and it has immense thickness. Hence, for getting a voluminous look, you do not have to use a bulk of these extensions.

Other important features of this type of hair extensions are as follows:

It sheds very little

The hair is very friendly. If your stylist weaves it or sew it properly then you will never lose more than 5 strands of hair every day.

It does not tangle

Low-quality hair extensions suffer from entanglement. That is why you should choose Brazilian virgin hair extensions, as they have cuticles in one direction only. Therefore, when it is applied in the same direction as your actual hair, you will not face any snare while combing it gently.

It can be dyed

Although the color of the hair is black, you can change it to any other color by hair coloring, bleaching, and so on. Since the hair is naturally strong, it retains its original charm in all situations.

It lasts for up to 2 years

By taking good care of your hair extensions, you can increase their longevity from 12 months to 2 years. Developing good habits like not pulling at the hair and making a loose plait before going to bed will help extend its lifespan even more.

How Brazilian hair extensions are applied

Earlier, hair extensions were only woven and bonded to the actual hair. Presently, new techniques have developed in which the extensions are fused, clipped, or attached through micro loops.

Here is a brief overview of all the techniques:


In this process, the natural hair is first braided. The most popular of all plaiting styles used are cornrow braiding and around the head braiding. Now, the hair extensions are sewn along with the braids.

This procedure requires a special type of hair weaving needle and thread. Additionally, you will need the help of a stylist to sew the extensions properly to the braids.


Bonding is simpler and less time-consuming than weaving is. The natural hair is first parted and a weft of hair extensions is glued to the natural hair.

You need to have strong natural hair so that it can bear the weight of the extensions. This method allows you to enjoy natural hair growth to a greater extent because as your actual hair length grows, the hair extensions keep growing in length as well.

Clip in

This method is the quickest and the easiest of all. You can get hair extensions with snap-on clips attached on one end. Simply part your hair around the head and clip in the extensions at the roots of your natural hair.

If your hair is brittle then you may feel pain because of the weight of the artificial hair. However, choosing several short clips-in Brazilian hair extensions and attaching them with layers of natural hair can solve the problem.


This procedure makes the hair extensions blend naturally with the actual hair. Hence, you should opt for fusion when you do not plan to color your hair and wish to keep the natural look of your hair intact. Using this method, you can create a huge voluminous look of your natural hair.

The hair extensions that are used for fusion method have keratin protein at the tips, which acts as the glue. Strands or a bunch of natural hair is chosen for fusing the artificial hair.

The Brazilian hair extensions can be bonded by using hot or cold fusion. Although you can choose either of the methods, cold fusion is considered safer, as it does not cause damage to the actual hair. In both methods, the keratin melts allowing the extensions to stick to the mane.

-Micro loops hair extensions

It is a hassle-free way of applying extensions. Take a thin strand of your hair and put it through the micro ring. Next, pass the artificial hair through the same ring and secure it in place with a clamp.

In this way, you can cover your entire head and achieve a good volume in a shorter span. You can purchase hair extensions in different colors and experiment with your look almost every day.

How to take care of your hair extensions


Hair extensions are actually natural hair that requires washing from time to time. You should wash them at least once or twice a week maximum, or every time you spot dullness and roughness in your artificial tresses.

Before giving it a wash, detangle your hair by combing it gently. Make sure that the temperature of the water is not too high, as it can damage the extensions.

Cool water is best.

Now, use a moisturizer-enriched shampoo so that the extensions are well-hydrated. While washing, maintain a downward motion that is, from the scalp to the tips of the hair; it will keep it sorted. Remember not to massage your hair, as it can cause it to become entangled severe.

Choose moisturizing hair conditioner for lustrous shine and a healthy look. For best results, keep the conditioner on for 2-3 minutes at least before washing it off.


Wet hair extensions should never be rubbed for drying. Air-drying is the best method. However, for speedy drying, you can blot them dry with a soft towel. Although Brazilian hair extensions become healthily shiny once they are dry, you can apply serum to protecting your valuable tresses from after-wash dryness.


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